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Services & conditions
Importation, Exportation, Buying Agent, Sourcing, Logistics

General Import Agent specializing in professional sectors such as :

Wholesale and retail trades, cafeterias, hotels, restaurants, industries, craftsmen, architects, construction and renovation companies, B2B and individuals.

Who we are?

PT Bali PRO Sourcing is a Franco-Indonesian company, in collaboration with TOKO.NC.

Our team consists of a staff who are experts in renovation and decoration, sourcing (General Agent), and logistics.

Our job is to find, select and offer you the suppliers and manufacturers suited to your needs with the best value for money.

We are always at your disposal, and our specialists will provide you with an answer.

Our areas of expertise

We offer you all products that are possible to find in Indonesia. You can consult our inclusive (but not exhaustive) list on PRO and Personal catalogs.

We have all the products you need to be manufactured. Therefore, you have the possibility to choose your colors, your finishing touches, etc.

Important: We can also work on the photos and plans for the products you need. If so, we will offer you the services of our architects and designers.


PT Bali PRO Sourcing specializes in sourcing and we connect you with our staff who speaks in your language.

We will draw up a quote for you concerning our services.

To guarantee you an optimal service, we provide:

Purchasing, production, Monitoring, Quality, and administration:

- Purchases from your own suppliers

- Sourcing of your goods (research and optimization of costs and quality)

- Production monitoring

- Establishment of schedules with suppliers

- Daily control and quality monitoring

- Payment management


Bali PRO Cargo for your logistics.

Our Cargo/forwarder takes care of:

- Services of collection, packaging, preparation of documents, duties, and taxes, placing in container.

- Transport to your forwarder or to your home (door to door). We work with all shipping and airline companies in all countries of the world.

- We will draw up a quote for you beforehand. You remain free to choose your forwarder, your mode of transport, and the preferred companies.

Our compensation and services

- Percentages of commission according to the volume of your purchases including purchasing, sourcing, quality monitoring and payment of your invoices.
- Option: creation of a list with photos, prices and product information

- Option: creation of a dedicated web page on our site for your company and for your customers

A quotation will be drawn up beforehand. (B2B and private conditions)

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