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By L'Atelier A Bali

Realize Your Interior Arrangements With Our Interior Architect in


Our Interior Architect Carries Out Your Projects All Over The World For Professionals And Individuals

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Professionals and individuals

We operate in all areas, including Commerce, hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, Individual Homes to assist you in carrying out all your interior design projects.

We provide bespoke furniture design services and decoration items with different styles and themes according to the needs of our clients.

We also offer the necessary plans for the realization of 3d drawings to give you an idea of the arrangement of furniture or decorative objects you want.

Contemporary, Modern, Classic, traditional  


The choice is yours and we turn your ideas into reality!

Our entire team will carry out your orders with our artisans in Bali, Java, and throughout Indonesia.

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New in Bali !!!
You are an owner in Bali, we suggest you to completely arrange your house! *
                    * Until the last teaspoon! 

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We learn your project together to realize your design  and produce all the furniture and decorations

First, we will carry out the mass plans of your interior, exterior, business, etc.

We will learn your needs in furniture, decorations, lighting, layout.

We organize all the ideas and bring you our advice

We carry out the design of your furniture, decorations, lighting, interior, and exterior fittings

We will decide on one or more design depending on the layout and put it in a situation.

We offer all types of styles  

Modern, Contemporary, Classic, Traditional Indonesian

We validate your choices together and the project becomes reality!

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Realization of your project

We complete your project by registering and starting production by our craftsmen in Bali and throughout Indonesia


We will then provide you with a quote

We put your products into production with our craftsmen

Our "Quality and follow-up" departments control production through to completion.

Our logistics department takes care of your order to sends it to you.

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