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How to Import to Java, Bali, and all over Indonesia from your country?

Bali PRO Sourcing Import Export Service

We carry out your Sourcing, your Purchases and the manufacture of your products, Logistics until the sending of your goods to your destination from Bali and Java, Indonesia

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How to import products from Indonesia?


We analyze your needs together with our agent specializing in international trade and B2B specialists, hotels, restaurants, shops, and Indonesian products, then we carry out your purchases and manufacturing.

We will be attentive and choose the best logistics solutions to ship your goods.

in the whole world.

Product Selection

1 You are looking for the products you want in our catalogs.

We offer you many choices of furniture, decorations, handicrafts for interior and exterior fittings. All our items are the result of the work of our craftsmen in compliance with the rules of environmental protection.

2 Send us the photos of the products you want to have manufactured.

Our catalogs are representative of the products found in Indonesia but they are not exhaustive because we are able to make all the furniture, decorations, lights, paintings, crafts according to your need.

3 You wish to carry out a personalized arrangement

for your home, or create your own collections, do not hesitate to call on our Interior Architecture service to create your own collections.


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Product research (Sourcing), Purchasing, Manufacturing, Quality Control



  1 Procurement of your products

We focus on finding, locating, and evaluating suppliers through careful prospecting. We are looking for products with the best quality/price ratio in the shortest possible time. Our role is to optimize the cost and quality of purchases by respecting very strict processes. The strategy of our operation allows you to be serene and to be able to provide your customers or your projects with the appropriate solutions.

  2 Purchase, Production, Quality

We then carry out your purchases and the production of all your orders. A specialized service within L'Atelier à Bali allows you to follow the evolution of purchases and production step by step. Our Quality department is present at each phase of the realization of your furniture, decoration, and crafts.

Forwarder, Shipping and Receipt of Your Products

  1 Choose a freight forwarder in Bali or Java named "CARGO"

    - The forwarder, named "Cargo" will take care of the collection of goods from the various      suppliers

    - Wrap and put in wood if necessary

    - Load the "Stuffing" container

     - Ship the container to the port

    - Establish legal export documents related to Indonesian regulations and your country   of destination.

     NB : The cost of the forwarder is passed on to the customer



  2 Choice of transport and shipping company or  appropriate aerial

   Several solutions are available:

     Sending small volumes by LCL

     Departure every week from Bali or Java by air or sea freight (the cost however remains more  raised)


     Sending the FCL container

The different volumes: 30 m3, 60 m3 or 75 m3. We take care of finding the best shipping companies at the best cost.

     Groupage or Shared Container shipment

     The most economical and flexible solution for your merchandise shipments.

     We take care of the management of the containers and the realization of the regroupings. Prices are generally 40% lower . Our company provides secure storage spaces throughout the year. So you can buy in quantity without worrying about excess purchases. Our service is complete and we take care of the forwarder, logistics and transport as well as relations with your forwarder in France.

  3 Shipment of goods

The shipping company or  Airline takes charge of your containers or packages and transports them to your destination. The times vary depending on your country of origin. We will offer you shipment tracking.

  4 Receipt of goods

The container or packages will be received by a forwarder in your country. He will take care of unloading, customs clearance, documents and reship the goods to you. (door to door)


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guarantees you permanent assistance to facilitate the importation of your products anywhere in the world.
The logistics of each step are managed internally by our different departments .

We also offer partners with our freight forwarders for sea or air freight.


IMPORTANT: Our company has  NIB PIL licenses (compulsory in Indonesia) in order to import and export

General sales conditions

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